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All guests and clients of Sexy Apple must comply with these Rules.



  1. Accepting a booking for the use of Sexy Apple equipment is at our absolute discretion.  

  1. All our personal trainers are trained in using our equipment and they are covered individually by Public Liability Insurance.  

  1. Sexy Apple Personal Trainers may be employed by Sexy Apple or be self employed.  

  1. We make available a schedule of availability for Sexy Apple training. This schedule, whilst we make the best attempt to keep it as accurate as possible, may change from time to time at short notice.  

  1. By booking Sexy Apple training, you confirm you understand that you are not booking an individual Personal Trainer, but a training class.  

  1. We are able to train you at locations described on our website. Out trainers are able to train at home, office, parks and other suitable places.  



  1. You confirm that you are in good health and that you are not aware of any reason why training with an EMS equipment of Sexy Apple may be harmful to you.  



Any person who does not comply with these Rules may be ejected from, or denied access to a Studio, or may have their Membership terminated by Sexy Apple if the non-compliance is serious. 



  1. Acceptance of an application for Membership at our Studios is at our absolute discretion.  

  1. A Membership number will be issued to each Member when they join a Studio 

  1. A Member must not lend his Membership number to anyone else as membership is personal and covers only the Member’s use of a Studio. 

  1. Where Sexy Apple terminates a Member’s membership, this will make the Member ineligible for membership at all Sexy Apple Studios. For this purpose, Sexy Apple will communicate such Member’s personal data, and reason for termination, to other Studios as may be necessary to administer this Rule.



  1. Opening times for the Studio will be prominently displayed at the relevant Studio. 

  1. You may not bring pets (other than guide dogs) onto the Studio premises. 

  1. You must not consume any food or drink in a Studio that you have brought in from outside the Studio. 

  1. You must complete a Pre-Activity Questionnaire or Health Commitment Statement as requested by us before using any fitness facilities. 

  1. You must never use EMS equipment by yourself. Only a qualified Sexy Apple instructor is able to train you.  

  1. Undergarments and some toileteries will be provided by Sexy Apple. 

  1. You are asked to arrive at the gymnasium five (5) minutes prior to any personal training or induction appointments. We reserve the right charge you if you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice or fail to keep an appointment for services and/or exercise programmes. 

  1. You may not use the gymnasium while under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, antihistamines, beta-blockers, narcotics, tranquilizers or any medication or other substance which may affect your ability to exercise safely. 



  1. You should conduct yourself in a quiet and well-mannered fashion when in or about a Studio, and in a manner that will not disturb or impair the use and enjoyment of that Studio by any other person. In particular you may not use foul, loud, or abusive language, nor will you behave in a threatening manner, nor will you molest, or harass, other Members, guests, visitors, or members of staff. You may not bring, use, or be under the influence of illegal drugs in any part of a Studio. You may not bring any intoxicating liquor into a Studio or be drunk in a Studio.  

  1. We may refuse you entry into a Studio, or eject you from a Studio if you engage in any serious misconduct. 

  1.  Smoking is prohibited in any area of the Studio including the use of e-cigarettes or similar devices. 

  1. You must be dressed in suitable attire at all times when on Studio premises, and appropriate exercise clothing is required whilst exercising in a Studio.  



  1. You must use the main entrance to a Studio when entering or leaving that Studio. 

  1. Fire exits, which are clearly marked, are there in the interests of safety and you must not interfere with fire doors for any reason.  

  1. You must read the health & safety notices posted outside any equipment or facility rooms in a Studio and comply with their recommendations. 

  1. You must comply with any reasonable requests made by the members of staff in relation to matters of health and safety.