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Registered address: 20 Harewood Avenue London NW1 6JX

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We deliver the ultimate workout direct to your door, anywhere in central London (Zone 1).​​

If you prefer to not to train at home or office, we can also train at your local gym, or at one of our partner gyms such as The Kensington Studios in W8 6JP. Please let us know at the booking stage if you prefer this option. 

Sexy Apple was born from a desire to make peak fitness possible for everyone - even those who don’t have ‘enough time’ to exercise.


Our founder Parviz Nabiev, made it his mission to develop a workout that guaranteed incredible results in the least amount of time.


Having experienced first hand the challenge of having to choose between his career or his personal fitness, he realised there was a need for a time-effective workout that targeted cardio, strength and endurance.


Through his research he discovered the benefits of EMS technology and spent years working with industry leaders, health professionals and fitness experts to create Sexy Apple; a unique 20-minute EMS workout that promises outstanding results.

Heather Holley


All round action adventurer, Heather lives and breathes fitness, exercise and health. With specialisms in exercise modification and injury prevention, Heather is passionate about giving you the best personal workout programmes for your goals. Adaptable and dynamic Heather is also trained in scuba diving and even has a degree in Mathematics and Neuroscience. Far from intimidating, Heather is approachable, confident and upbeat and knows how to get the best out of you, each and every time.

Joseph Marshall


Energetic and driven, Joseph has first-hand experience of the transformative effects of a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine. Having transformed his own body he is highly motivated to help each client to achieve their personal best and meet their individual goals. With expertise in lower back pain management and injury rehabilitation, sessions are always educational, interesting and understanding of your needs.

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Tibi Comanescu

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Tibi is the newest member of staff  who joined Sexy Apple. He was Romania's Junior National Champion in Kayaking multiple times. He is an experienced personal trainer and EMS trainer having worked for EMS studios before. 

Gonzalo Norona-Palacios


Originally from Ecuador, Gonzalo is trained on everything from nutrition, HIIT, and TRX to Zumba. He’s an adaptable, energetic, friendly instructor and is focused on helping you to achieve those all-important results. Gonzalo is fiercely clued up on balance and nutrition and blogs about health and fitness in his spare time. He’ll help you find a compatible nutritional plan for your lifestyle while delivering every Sexy Apple session with a smile. 

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We believe the only limits in life are the ones you set for yourself.

Success is a mindset at Sexy Apple and we live by its rules.


“Sexy Apple is a new way of working out. It’s revolutionary, time efficient, results-driven and fundamentally, unique to your needs.”

- Parviz Nabiev