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Sexy Apple sessions are delivered direct to your door. Our method uses cutting-edge EMS technology so in just 20 minutes a week you can sculpt your body and improve your health.


Our EMS method is the fastest way to get fit. A 20-minute session is equivalent to 90 minutes in the gym.


With our personalised training results come quicker and last longer. You can burn up to 500 calories per session.


EMS training has tangible health benefits, from weight loss and increased strength to a more robust immune system and enhanced energy levels.


Our method ensures that you can sculpt your body according to your goals. Choose to gain definition, tone up or lose weight.

Your first session is 100% free

We don’t believe in fuss, or drama. That’s why we come straight to your door. We help you workout, wherever works for you.


We are your personalised workout service and we thrive on meeting and exceeding your expectations.


We provide personalised clothing, equipment and supplements, you just bring your fitness fantasies.


We tailor your at-home or at-work training sessions to your individual goals, while our wearable EMS tech helps you to max your performance.


Meanwhile, our talented team are committed to getting you there – whatever your goals might be.