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Start making your fitness a priority and book a Sexy Apple session today. Delivered directly to your door by one of our expert trainers, choose from our free introductory trial, to sessions tailored around a specific goal like weight loss or strength increase training. Available anywhere in London’s zone 1.

Your workout comes to you!

Please Note

Before training with Sexy Apple you will be asked to sign a health and safety contract as a formality. At each class your instructor will bring the Sexy Apple training equipment which consists of the EMS machine and the freshly laundered electrode suit that must be worn during your session.

Sessions can take place in any private space or room that’s convenient to you.


If you would like to invest in your own personal electrode suit and data card then you can purchase these from us for £20. This way you know you have your own suit that is exclusively used by you and you only.


We advise that you drink 500ml of water before and after the training session to ensure you stay hydrated.