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A workout that delivers. Your time is precious. So is your body.

That’s why we deliver the ultimate workout direct to your door, anywhere in central London (Zone 1).

If you prefer to not to train at home or office, we can also train at your local gym, or at one of our locations such as in W8 6JP.


Sexy Apple’s unique training method provides the results that drive you, fast. Using the power of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), we give you the know-how and the equipment to take control of your health and body, wherever works for you, with visible results that look and feel good.

A time machine. We combine the latest EMS technology with bespoke programmes to bring you targeted workouts in as little as 20 minutes.


Convenient and effective, our expert trainers come direct to your door in central London, with all the equipment you need for your session; from your personal, freshly laundered suit to our high-performance machinery. We design results-led workouts that work for your busy lifestyle.


Similar to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, (except with electrode pads working your muscles much, much harder), the Sexy Apple method stimulates your muscles deeply to tone you in places you’ve never felt before.


Training keeps your heart rate up, burning more fat in less time.

In just two twenty-minute sessions a week you will see exceptional results. And all delivered wherever, whenever, however, you want. 

A mind for success. Our unique method provides tools for body and mind so you can integrate a healthier approach to your whole lifestyle.


Expect results fast, and long term solutions for a fitter future.

With five star service, your Sexy Apple personal trainer is dedicated to helping you to reach your fitness fantasies.


We provide an inclusive bespoke training programme that puts your needs first. From nutritional advice and supplement suggestions to a custom-made workout with regular reviews, your satisfaction always matters most.

We believe the only limits in life are the ones you set for yourself.

Success is a mindset at Sexy Apple and we live by its rules.


“Sexy Apple is a new way of working out. It’s revolutionary, time efficient, results-driven and fundamentally, unique to your needs.”

- Parviz Nabiev